Smartroad Tools Activities

Event (Position mouse over event for more details) Target DateAccomplished Date
Technology Readiness Level 7 Testing under real road or rail 2018
Technology Readiness Level 6 Test pit testing 2017
Forming first regional subsidiary March 2017
Tests using real road materials Feb-Mar 2017
Preparations for full-size test bed - U.S. Transportation Research Board & Thai NSTDA February 2016
Technology Readiness Level 4: Final version desktop prototype February 2016
Filed Patent Cooperation Treaty Chapter II Demand December 2015
Additional conferences August to December 2015
Incorporate Heurika Geographics Pte. Ltd. in Singapore to hold intellectual property June 2015
Attend Smartrail Europe conference in Amsterdam May 2015
Exhibit at Subcon 2015 event in Bangkok May 2015
Notified by WIPO that our two most important patent claims are novel and patentable May 2015
Receive support from entrepreneurship center at KMUTT April 2015
File international Patent Cooperation Treaty application. January 2015 January 2015
File patent application in Taiwan. January 2015 January 2015
White paper to U.S. Federal Aviation Authority at their request. October 2014
Arrange subcontractor for sensor assemblies. September 2014
File second provisional U.S. Patent application. September 2014 August 2014
Paper describing Smartroads presented at Smart Materials and Surfaces conference. August 2014 August 2014
File non-provisional U.S. Patent application. August 2014 August 2014
Second stage implementation testing completed successfully.
July 2014 July 2014
Paper describing Smartroads accepted for presentation at Smart Materials and Surfaces conference. June 2014 June 2014
First stage implementation testing completed successfully. May 2014 May 2014
Filed first U.S. preliminary patent application. January 2014 January 2014
Latest update: 2016-May-19